Saturday, 23 October 2010

Secret Stash Has Been Compromised!

I'm sorry not to have been in touch recently, things have been pretty busy since the opening of our exhibition and there's a definite buzz happening in the Jammy Coo. It's a combination of all our fantastic new paintings, beautiful new products and just a hint of the festive season upon us, I just love it!

But with reference to my title, my 'secret stash' of chocolate, nae less, has been got at! Shock, horror! I could have understood if it was one of my children but I discovered my husband red handed with his hands covered in MY chocolate! This was almost a catastrophe as I had Extreme Rocky Road to make for the Jammy Coo. I have some very demanding and discerning customers...(you know who you are), and if needs aren't met then I just don't know what might happen!

However, there was a silver lining to my cloud as fortunately he hadn't found my emergency supply, (even I'd forgotten about them), a box of Celebrations, hurray, hurray! So I devised the most delicious concoction instead which basically involved unwrapping all the little darlings and dropping them into a whole bowl of smooth, velvety milk chocolate. I then added a sprinkling of rice krispies and oh joy a delicious new recipe is born...aptly named, Celebration Bars.

Trust me these are a stayer and I'm off to the supermarket on Monday to buy some more of those red boxes. As, if today's reaction to them is anything to go by then I'm going to have to make quite a few more batches before Christmas!

May I quickly add that of course I would have completely forgiven my husband for his lapse if he hadn't then swiped the Celebration Bar that I had kept back especially for my lovely Mother-in-law to try...what can I say?......

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