Monday, 22 November 2010

You Really Have To Be There!

I have just received some photos of one of our Late Night Shopping evenings, doesn't Jammy Coo look absolutely gorgeous?

We have now had 2 evenings and our next one is this Friday 26th November...can't wait! I've loved the last one's and along with some friendly and familiar faces have met some new visitors to the 'Coo' which is fantastic!

If you're free please come and join us this Friday and bring your friends, the Mulled Wine is good but the Fudge is fantastic and I ate far too much of it myself last Thursday so please save me from my greedy self!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Let's Celebrate!

I am very fortunate to have 3 gorgeous sisters and one of whom, Rebecca, is coming to visit today bringing with her, her 2 very beautiful young daughters, Isabella and Ava-Lu. I'm telling you this as whenever I have someone to stay, (especially as its one of my special sisters), I like to cook a favourite of theirs.

I usually need no prompting but I think Rebecca needed to make sure that I made what she's been dreaming about since ever I mentioned it a couple of months back....'Celebration Bars'! I had to get several of those large Red Tubs in from a certain Supermarket and have been making a double batch this morning.. So Rebecca, its safe to arrive now, they're made and they look pretty good!!
Just remembered I have another sister visiting at the beginning of December...lets just say she can be a wee bit fussy! But loving her to bits I see it as a challenge producing something she will really love..Requests Taken!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Late Night Christmas Shopping!

Just a wee reminder to you all about the first of our Late Night Shopping which starts tomorrow night (Thursday 11th November) 6-9p.m.

It's going to be a fabulous night, I have some really brilliant gifts and the Jammy Coo looks so beautiful decked out in all things Christmasy. Please come along, bring some friends and have a fun, social and shopping evening.

I have made masses of delicious fudge for you all to have a treat of and I have just finished making the equally delicious Mulled Wine....of course I've had to taste...both! So apologiesh for any shpelling mishstakes.

Hope to see you soonXXXXDeliaXXXX

Monday, 1 November 2010

Jammy Coo Does Halloween!

Well, Jammy Coo did do Halloween but not how you think.
Every Halloween our Primary School in Lilliesleaf have a Fancy Dress Party and all the kids have a great time dressing up in all sorts of costumes, (there are lots of stressed out parents at this time scraping together a costume at the last minute!).
My gorgeous daughter, Daisy announced that she and a friend, Mary wanted to be Jammy Coo...Well what could I say? She was quite specific and I was torn by being very pleased although, (how the heck do I do that with only a nights notice!) and this may look bad. I could see the headlines..'Pushy Mother Makes Young Daughter Pose As A Cow To Publicise Her Business'.

Well, I'm afraid 'Pushy Mother' prevailed and duly made a Jammy Coo for Daisy to wear, she looked fab and very funny, the costume is so good I'm considering sending her out onto the High Street!...Never waste an opportunity I say!!