Monday, 1 November 2010

Jammy Coo Does Halloween!

Well, Jammy Coo did do Halloween but not how you think.
Every Halloween our Primary School in Lilliesleaf have a Fancy Dress Party and all the kids have a great time dressing up in all sorts of costumes, (there are lots of stressed out parents at this time scraping together a costume at the last minute!).
My gorgeous daughter, Daisy announced that she and a friend, Mary wanted to be Jammy Coo...Well what could I say? She was quite specific and I was torn by being very pleased although, (how the heck do I do that with only a nights notice!) and this may look bad. I could see the headlines..'Pushy Mother Makes Young Daughter Pose As A Cow To Publicise Her Business'.

Well, I'm afraid 'Pushy Mother' prevailed and duly made a Jammy Coo for Daisy to wear, she looked fab and very funny, the costume is so good I'm considering sending her out onto the High Street!...Never waste an opportunity I say!!

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