Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Seasons Eatings!

Another year has just flashed by in the Jammy Coo, thank you for all that have been through our doors in 2011 and we hope to see you soon in 2012!

We are open until 23rd December and closed till 4th January.

I've already been thinking about my New Year's Resolutions for 2012 one them is to update my blog more frequently! I know I'm absoloutely terrible, how you put up with me I have no idea!

As you Know I love my cooking and I've enjoyed trying new recipes throughout the year....the most popular has probably been my Fruity Flapjacks (its probably easier to say whats NOT in these than the other way around!) and of course the old favourites, Carrot Cake and White Chocolate Cheescake, infact I just iced another 2 of these this morning!

Although I'm sorry to be shut to my lovely customer's over the festive period I will relish being with my family and enjoy the Christmas cooking with my children (Gabrielle, my nearly 3 year old has just finished making Shortbread Biscuits)....Have to train them up young!!

So please enjoy Christmas, do not stress about the cooking, the main thing is you're with the people you love and there's plenty to drink!! XXX

Monday, 7 November 2011

Late Night Shopping (with Mulled Wine & Fudge!)!!!

Well its that time of year folks, can't quite believe it myself....Late Night Shopping at the Jammy Coo!!! Actually, Hooray because they are sooo much fun and its a great excuse to have an alcoholic beverage bang on 6 0'clock!!!

Of course never fear I have been making lots of my delicious Homemade Fudge, lots of tasting on the way, which is actually pretty painful as hot fudge is pretty sore on the old tongue! But I always say you do have to suffer for your art!! And the Mulled wine just gets better and better, hic!

So please put these dates in your diary and the diaries of your friends.....

Thursday 10th November 6-9pm

Friday 18th November 6-9pm

Friday 25th November 6-9pm and

Friday 2nd December 6-9pm.

Jammy Coo is 'Jammy Packed' with all sorts of goodies and fabulous gift ideas and Stocking Fillers. We have Christmas Cards, Gorgeous Decorations which include Wreaths and Garlands. The jewellery is beautiful and just a wee bit different.

So look forward to seeing you there, everyone is very welcome, some Mulled Wine and my Homemade Fudge awaits you! XXXXX

Lots of love DeliaXXX

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Really Fruity Flapjacks Welcome 2011!!

Hooray!! The days are at last getting longer, spring bulbs are appearing and every now and then it feels a few degrees last!

Its been a while since I did a wee update but I haven't been sitting idle. Jammy Coo has been very busy welcoming customers through its doors this 2011. All the old favourites are as popular as ever...especially, of course our famous Carrot Cake but I always try and sneak a few new one's in every now and then. We're loving the Lemon Shortbread at the moment, its really tangy and moreish and I can't seem to make enough of the Really Fruity Flapjacks!..perhaps its because they sound healthy but they also taste seriously good!

Lindsey and I travelled to the NEC in Birmingham for the Spring Trade Fair at the beginning of February and had a brilliant time checking out all the new products we'd love to have in the JC. It was MASSIVE but well worth the trip, I can't wait for all my customer's to see the new things I've ordered! Details to follow..

As a little boost to your health and happiness I'm going to give you my Fruity Flapjack Recipe...enjoy they are delicsh!!XX

Really Fruity Flapjacks

5oz Butter
2oz Soft Brown Sugar
5 tablespoons Syrup
8oz Porridge Oats
Pinch of Salt
2oz Dessicated Coconut
2oz Cherries
2oz Sultanas
1oz Craisins (Dried Cranberries, they're delicious)
3oz Chopped Dates

Melt the butter, sugar and syrup together and then when melted add all the other ingredients, stir them well together and press them into a lined baking tray. Place in a pre-heated oven of 170 C for 25 minutes. Done!

Try and wait until cooled slightly before cutting into squares and when you do eat them you'll feel so good about yourself. If by any chance you don't like any of the added ingredients just substitute for something you do like!

Love DeliaXX