Monday, 11 October 2010

Things are Hotting Up!

Our exhibition is only days away and things are 'hotting' up. There's always much more to do than you think and always things you remember at the last the Wine, imagine the scenario of an 'Opening' and no Vino...thankfully my husband is a star and has come to the Jammy Coo rescue, hooray!

Catherine Rayner's paintings arrived at the week-end, they are stunning and I'm so looking forward to hanging them on the walls. I really love her work and I can't wait to see them all up in the Jammy Coo.

I also received four exquisite pictures from Holly Surplice (see above), they are small but extraordinary in colour and presence. Such gorgeous use of colour.

Helen Tabor has sent me jpegs of her work and as ever I'm in awe of her use of brushstrokes and the light that is thrown across her work.

Rob Hain is keeping his under wraps so far but I'm eagerly anticipating his vibrant use of colour and his keen observational skills in his paintings.

I shall revel being amongst such wonderful pieces when I hang the paintings on Thursday evening, can't wait!!

And I so look forward to seeing you all visit the Jammy Coo, if you are able, please let me know what you think, many thanks, DeliaXX

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  1. just come across your blog, I enjoyed reading through some of your posts I will be back.