Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Jammy Coo has a Face Lift!

Yesterday was painting day at the 'Coo', I can't believe we managed to get all the interior done in one day. This was done with the help of Tristram, Jen and Jess, thank you so much all of you! As we're only closed on one day we were on a very tight schedule but with me cracking the whip everything got finished and the Jammy Coo now looks amazing. Its great to see the walls looking so fresh and pristine and the paintings look even better.

With the redecorating done the Jammy Coo is ready for its first advertised exhibition and private view on the 15th October 2010...We are calling it 'Jammy Coo Turns Two'. Its very exciting as we have 3 amazing and very talented artists exhibiting, Catherine Rayner, Helen Tabor and Rob Hain. Can't wait and I hope everyone is able to come along and support us.