Friday, 24 September 2010

Amended Dates for Late Night Shopping!!

Very important dates for your diaries and the diaries of all your friends and family! The Jammy Coo is going to have 4 Late Night Shopping Nights! in the lead up to Christmas. Our late night shopping evenings have proved really popular in the past couple of years so we've decided to have more so that more people can take advantage of these fun, sociable and productive evenings.

There will of course be lots of really gorgeous gifts for all your favourite people at Christmas and maybe a treat for yourself too! And just incase you need a wee revival I will have dad's special recipe of mulled wine and delicious fudge, also a family recipe that nothing can beat!

So mark in Thursday 11th November, Thursday 18th November, Friday 26th November and Friday 10th December, 6p.m. till 9p.m.

Look forward to seeing you all there! XXDelia

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Very Exciting Week-End!

Lindsey, Holly and I visited Glasgow last week-end so we could attend the Scottish Trade Fair. Its the first one I have been to and we were all really looking forward to it...nothing to do with the overnight stay (without kids!) in a hotel and a gorgeous meal out in the evening, but of course all to do with the beautiful goodies I have found to put in the Jammy Coo.

I can't wait for you all to see them as, not like me I know, but I got a wee bit carried away, went completely over budget in order that I could bring all the goodies back for my wonderful customers!

Coming soon to the Jammy Coo are some really beautiful, stylish bags for all occasions, so lovely that I'm going to struggle to let them go, they are from a company called 'Ness' and I'm so looking forward to showing them off!

I also came across a new jewellery designer called Hayley, she hand makes all her pieces that are glorious in colour and design, using 'Liberty' print ribbon to tie and lovely coloured beads, that vary in texture. Unique pieces, very special.

The third company I bought from was called 'Snapdragon'. I loved the simplicity of their designs that are appliqued on felt with strong colourways and images...little hens, snails, love hearts, camper vans to name but a few. Little magnets, mirrors and very special notepads. You'll love them!

We're going to have 3 late night shopping nights in the Jammy Coo leading up to Christmas and I will give you the dates ASAP.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The No.1 Spot!

Cakes and tray bakes aplenty in the Jammy Coo but our No.1 Spot has always been held by the delicious, moist (and almost one of your 'five a day'), Carrot Cake. It seems to appeal to everybody and it certainly has a fan base.

I wish I'd counted how many I've made since the 'Coo' opened 2 years ago but guesstimating I think its approximately 300!!..I feel quite faint.

The Carrot Cake has always been closely followed by my decadent Chocolate Cake and the timeless classic - Coffee Cake. But we have a new challenger in our midst, the White Chocolate Cheesecake . It has taken our No.2 spot and I seem to be making it with increasing regularity. Its very creamy but avoids being too sickly sweet by the addition of natural yogurt...even manages to sound quite healthy!

So my advice is if you haven't tried it yet give it a go and let me know what you think. After all I've only made around 100!

Monday, 13 September 2010

New Jewellery

I've been up in Edinburgh today and chosen some absolutely gorgeous new jewellery for the Jammy Coo. Its so funky, fun and cool. Beautiful polished tagua nuts, coconut shell, coffee beans, melon seeds...sounds a bit far out but trust me its lovely and you're going to LOVE it! It feels so comfortable to wear and the best thing is every piece is utterly unique. Lots of lovely colours too, my particular favourite are the turquoise beads but there are yellow, reds, greens, pinks and also very natural tones that go with anything and everything.

I'm looking forward to placing it in the JC tomorrow and getting customer feedback. Make gorgeous presents for all your female friends, young and old and especially for treating yourself!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Evening Entertaining in the 'Coo'

Well, we had our first evening in the Jammy Coo last night. I cooked for 17 people and everything went really brilliantly! I am so pleased, the evening went really smoothly and everyone seemed to love the food. Jen was helping me (keeping me right!), she was so cool, calm and collected and kept all the customers so happy by her effortless charm and efficient manner.

I made 2 pates for the starter, 'Smoked Trout' and 'Prawn, Bacon and Cream Cheese' and I served this with a small rocket salad and my homemade seeded bread...all the plates came back spotless so I guess they liked it.

Main was, 'Braised Beef with pickled Walnuts in Guinness', 'Potato Dauphinoise' and 'Roasted Veg', looked really good on the plate.

Pudding was gorgeous'Tangy Lemon tart', 'Strawberry Pavlova' and 'Decadent Chocolate Torte'....the puddings looked so pretty and the Lemon Tart was finished in a flash.

After local cheese and biscuits we served coffee and my homemade truffles that just melt in the mouth and are delicious that even when you don't have any room left you still make an exception!

I loved the evening it was so much fun and I got such a buzz from it all. I was so pleased everyone enjoyed my food and I was so grateful for having someone like Jen to look after everyone and make sure the whole evening went so smoothly.

So, I'm now planning on another evening of delicious food, great company and special ambiance. I'm thinking of perhaps arranging an evening a month with a set menu, exclusive one sitting and bring your own wine...lets hope I can do this space XXX.