Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Only Two Sleeps To Go!

Only two sleeps until our exhibition..not that I seem to be getting much I may add! Its a really exciting time and I keep getting parcels and paintings delivered - feels like Christmas.

I was so pleased to receive the jewellery from 'Handmade by Hayley' and its been a joy to unwrap it lay it out and just gaze at it. Its just so pretty and beautifully made and the pieces can be worn with ease during the day or to dress up an outfit at night.

I'm still in awe of the 'Ness' products, really whats not to love about it all? I'm so looking forward to tomorrow evening when we shall be hanging the new paintings and putting all the new items in their special places.

So fingers crossed it all goes well, you'll be pleased to hear we now have the wine and yes it tastes good, wasn't sure after the first glass so had to make sure with a second...hic.

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