Sunday, 4 July 2010

Great Age at the Jammy Coo

The children broke up from school this week, needless to say there was a real buzz of excitement and of course my kids were very keen to give their teachers a leaving present. All last minute as usual but between us we managed to create individual cakes that were heavily laden with all the decorations from my sweetie draw. We placed them in a special box and tied them with ribbon, the children were very pleased, no complaints from the teachers and a few brownie points for mother!!

Emma and Jen (Jammy Coo lovelies), were working in the Coo this week and they had a very special lady visiting who was incredibly 100 years old! She was amazing and seemed to enjoy her visit with her Fruit Scone and Jam. However, soon after, not to be outdone a lady of 103 rocked up! Brilliant!

With the start of the holidays we're expecting a demand in the chocolate brownie department. Teachers and children need an indulgent treat after a long summer term and a recipe will be posted for the yummiest brownies ever later this week.X