Sunday, 12 September 2010

Evening Entertaining in the 'Coo'

Well, we had our first evening in the Jammy Coo last night. I cooked for 17 people and everything went really brilliantly! I am so pleased, the evening went really smoothly and everyone seemed to love the food. Jen was helping me (keeping me right!), she was so cool, calm and collected and kept all the customers so happy by her effortless charm and efficient manner.

I made 2 pates for the starter, 'Smoked Trout' and 'Prawn, Bacon and Cream Cheese' and I served this with a small rocket salad and my homemade seeded bread...all the plates came back spotless so I guess they liked it.

Main was, 'Braised Beef with pickled Walnuts in Guinness', 'Potato Dauphinoise' and 'Roasted Veg', looked really good on the plate.

Pudding was gorgeous'Tangy Lemon tart', 'Strawberry Pavlova' and 'Decadent Chocolate Torte'....the puddings looked so pretty and the Lemon Tart was finished in a flash.

After local cheese and biscuits we served coffee and my homemade truffles that just melt in the mouth and are delicious that even when you don't have any room left you still make an exception!

I loved the evening it was so much fun and I got such a buzz from it all. I was so pleased everyone enjoyed my food and I was so grateful for having someone like Jen to look after everyone and make sure the whole evening went so smoothly.

So, I'm now planning on another evening of delicious food, great company and special ambiance. I'm thinking of perhaps arranging an evening a month with a set menu, exclusive one sitting and bring your own wine...lets hope I can do this space XXX.

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  1. Sounds SO delicious!!! Am sure Evenings at the Jammy Coo would be such a fantastic success, a real treat!!!